Оптимизация hdd

Hi, i am currently running windows 7 ultimate bit on the following hardware: foxconn m/b,amd phenom x4 ghz,8gb mhz ram, . When it pushes hard disk drives (hdd) arrays to reach their i/o potential, data “hot spots” become inevitable. Solid state drives ssd are now becoming the new and standard storage a.k.a hard drive for our computers.

If you initially installed windows 8 on a hard drive and moved it to an ssd there is an important change to one setting you should be aware of. Jul 30,  · how to use 'optimize drives' to defrag hdd and trim ssd in windows 8 and information optimize drives, previously called dis. If you investigate your storage needs, another idea is to estimate the approximate data size in advance before formatting the hard drive.

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