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Over the years they have released 16 studio albums, 9 live albums, 16 compilation albums, and 31 singles. Рамщайн) е немска neue deutsche härte група, създадена в берлин през г. Анни-фрид (фрида) лингстад (анни-фрид сюнни люнгстад — швед.

Информация должна быть проверяема, иначе она может быть поставлена под сомнение и удалена. This article presents the discography of american rock band styx. Considered by many to be the first heavy metal band, black sabbath was formed in by tony iommi, ozzy osbourne, geezer butler and bill ward.

Canned heat discography albums listed in chronological order as they were recorded title-record co. V-disc a none - d3mc rca victor studio recording at last v-disc b none - d3mc rca victor studio.

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